November 11-December 9, 2016


An exhibition of works from our New Mexican community celebrating and reflecting artists’ interpretation of mercy in action!


A “Thank You” to the Artists

It is with overwhelming gratitude that we thank the many artists of images, movement, and sound who have contributed to this experiment in manifesting what it is to share life in mercy. This Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy has been a moment of immense grace for our Abbey community. Being named an official pilgrimage site for the Year of Mercy has continually challenged encounter and share God’s mercy in more and more profound ways.

This exhibition is an attempt to accompany our local community in imagining and visioning God’s mercy as the Jubilee Year comes to a close. We hope this will help to inspire a commitment to “Go Forth sharing life in Mercy” as we continue into the next liturgical year. This endeavor to stretch, expand, and challenge how we conceive of, encounter, and understand mercy would not be possible without the remarkable breadth and depth of creativity expressed by the generosity of local artists.

It is with great humility that we thank all artists who have graciously allowed their work to be displayed for this exhibition. It is a statement of trust and vul- nerability on the part of these artists to share their work, and a sacred task on our part to make available these expressions of the heart for the wider public to encounter. We pray this may be a small part of the continuation of our Norbertine Heritage’s dedication to the promotion of the intersection between art, faith, and culture.

To our many artists and friends,
and on behalf of my Norbertine brothers and sisters, Thank you and may God always hold you in his Mercy,

Fr. Graham Golden, O. Praem.
Director, Office of Christian Discipleship and Religious Vocation