November 3-December 16, 2017


An exhibition of works from community efforts and artists reflecting life as journey, one we share together yet one we experience through different and personal paths.


A “Thank You” to Our Artists

We would like to extend a profound and heart-felt thanks to all those who have contributed their artistic talent to making this exhibition a reality. Participating in this endeavor is much more than simply contributing a piece of art to a gallery show. Those individuals and community groups who are represented in Share the Journey have done just that. They have entered into a space of vulnerability, honesty, and relationship and have shared a part of themselves, their world, their experience and their journey to be encountered by all who make their way to this sacred space.

All those whose journey is depicted on the walls of our Abbey have made a thoughtful and moving contribution to opening a world of dialogue, mutuality, and compassion. By sharing their own journey, they allow each observer to weave together the universality of being on journey by reflecting on the uniqueness of each individual path and the common bonds that we share in our longings, hopes, fears, challenges, joys, and being. In so doing we move ever closer to the unity we know at the depth of our humanity. This experience, this possibility of encounter, and this opportunity for growth and conversion begins with courageous individuals who take the first step. All those who have made up the fabric of this exhibition have done just that— taken a step to open their hearts so that the hearts of others may be touched and moved.

We stand inspired by the talent, and more so the authenticity of all those who have contributed to this initiative. May we continue to move forward in hope as we #sharejourney together.

In gratitude,

Fr. Graham Golden, O. Praem.