November 17-December 20, 2018


An exhibition of works from diverse artists exploring the common dignity that binds us together as we seek to come together in the midst of a world marred by division, suffering, and darkness.


A THANK YOU to the Artists

Dear Artists,

We would like to express our profound gratitude to all of you who have contributed works for this year’s Art at the Abbey exhibition Puentes de Compasión: Reaching for Hope. It takes both courage and imagination to bridge the divisions that form so easily between us. It takes heart to do so in compassion and hope. We know that your participation in this exhibition is much more than simply offering a work for the sake of public display. It is a sharing of intimate expressions of your own experiences of both brokenness, separation, isolation and hate, as well as union, hope, vision and renewal.

We know there is a vulnerability in sharing something so intimate as your own art. We take it as our sacred duty to honor what you have created and to help you share that story as part of the larger narrative woven together through this exhibition. Through your capacity to vision something beyond what we know here and now amidst the uncertainties of our world, together you invite our wider community to enter into their own journey of hope knowing that things can and will be different if we are willing to extend hands to one another. Thank you for taking our hand, and for allowing us to take yours. You have taken a risk in sharing in our vision and sharing yours with the world. For this we give thanks!

May your creative endeavors continue to be richly blessed.

With thanks and prayers,
Fr. Graham R. Golden, O. Praem.